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Today, instead of looking at the human body as a biological machine, we know it is a vast energetic network, where spirit, matter, and power intersect. Our training teaches how our human body encodes thought, converts it into matter, and stores it as energy within specific areas of the body. After working with thousands of clients, Lou decoded the process of how the energy anatomy works, linked specific illnesses with past emotional traumas and solved the mystery of why some people heal, while others don’t.

Transform Your Life Through Mind. Body. Soul. Coherence

Empower your wealth, health, and relationships by changing your thoughts and feelings? Be more present, make better choices, and think beyond your limitations. Today we see ordinary people around the world doing extraordinary things, creating global solutions, healing chronic health conditions, even rare genetic disorders medical science has no solution for, creating relationships that nourish their soul.

FREE 6 Day Challenge

Mind. Body. Soul. Coherence
A 6 Day Energy Challenge, learn how to restory the unknown forces that are shaping your life with IMI’s revolutionary tools to curate consciousness, a reproducible, scientific, step by step method for transforming all dimensions of your being: mind, body, soul and human connections, bringing you back into alignment with your unique story, the sound of your heart beat.

Energy Training

Learn Energy Anatomy
Working with word, the language of your conscious mind, learn how to test and correct energy flow through your Energy System. A 12 month online training, including energy trainings, energy initiations, energy daily practices, monthly live group training sessions and an online community.

Epigenetic Training

Learn Epigenetic Anatomy
Working with image, the language of your subconscious mind, learn how to test and correct energy flow through the epigenetic system. A 12 month online training, including energy training, energy initiations, energy processes, monthly live group training sessions and an online community.


Soul Training

Learn Soul Anatomy
Working with symbol, the language of your unconscious mind, learn how to test and correct soul structures. A 12 month online training, including energy training, energy initiations, energy daily practices, monthly live group training sessions and an online community

Words From Our Beloveds

Sneak Peak Inside The Tribe


“Energy Medicine is a powerful tool to discover your creative purpose. Unleash your feminine powers and share your creative gifts with the world.” – Amber Kuileimailani Bonici, Woman Unleashed Retreat


“I love working with women from around the world who know what it means to be at cause for transformation.” – Shiloh Sophia, MUSEA Intentional Creativity Foundation

Sneak Peak Inside The Training

Who Says Learning Can’t Be Sexy

IMI is much more than a training company. We believe that technology should be used to enhance your learning experience. This is why we never stop investing in developing our cross-channel platforms, to make the learning fun, intuitive and most of all, transform your life.

Tribal News

Create A World Beyond Ordinary

Tribal News Inc., an online campus for inspirational leaders. A call to come together as one and create a world beyond ordinary. To find inspirational leaders to befriend, to collaborate with to be inspired by. A tribe of like-minded energy warriors, changing the world by living the true of who we are. Our passion is to create sustainable generational change, changing the world one act of courage at a time.

Testing Tapping Through Our Saliva❤️✨

Did you know scientists can measure stress in your saliva? Think of a time in your life when something stressful or frightening happened, you can probably feel physical changes in your body that went along with it. The typical responses include increased heart rate, sweaty palms, shallow breathing, and tightening in the chest

Tapping Lowers Cortisol Levels ❤️✨

Clinical research for EFT Tapping provides measurable evidence of what many of us already know, Tapping works! What’s even more impressive, is when researchers replicate these landmark studies. Science shines when a totally different group of people in other parts of the world show similar (if not better!) results.

Energy Activation ❤️✨

“Such a powerful process thank you. I am ready for the next step, I am excited and nervous at the same time.” “OMG you put language to feelings I have had for years and never knew how to express them or work with them, just amazing thank you so much.” “I could not believe how accurate the information was and how powerful the healing was. I feel so much lighter and have a lot more energy. I feel alive.”