Our Home Is Our Mirror Part 1

In this weeks Conversation with Lou Podcast we explore Our Home Is Our Mirror Part 1. Each part of our house is broken down into a reflection of our mental, emotional, and physical counterpart of ourselves. 💕

Even the fascia of a house takes on a form similar to the human face with the front door as the mouth, the windows as the eyes, and the roof as the head. It’s no coincidence that the home has been used as a metaphor for our mind or body in religions, mythologies, and dream symbols for thousands of years. 🙏

Our home is an energetic expression of ourselves with every aspect reflected somewhere in it. This is made even more exact by the stuff we possess. Every item is an expression or extension of our mental and emotional selves. This is why decluttering our life and home can be such an arduous process. We are literally letting go of the mental and emotional aspects of yourself.

See you on the path!

Blessed Be Lou ❤️✨
Founder Integrative Medicine Institute

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