What Challenges Our Energy System?❤️✨

I constantly get asked what can go wrong with our energy systems when they aren’t working correctly? To understand that lets rewind. I believe that when we were born, everything we ever need and wanted was birthed with us, as you can see with babies, they glow, they are very real, there’s no filter. They just are. That is an optimal energy system.

And then as they move through and interact with life, we have experiences that are less than optimal. We start dropping into frequencies that are less than bliss. And as our subconscious defaults to familiar, we keep choosing the same frequencies, the same experiences, over and over and over.

When we live a life where we don’t understand our energy system, and we don’t clear our energy system, then that causes disease. We keep spiralling down, until we hit the frequency of, holy shit we better do something with our life, We are taught to clean the car, clean our hair, clean our clothes, clean the dog, but we are not taught how to clean our energy system.

Blessed Be Lou ❤️✨
Founder Integrative Medicine Institute

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