Energy Activation ❤️✨

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Energy Activation

Today we activated your energy.

“Such a powerful process thank you. I am ready for the next step, I am excited and nervous at the same time.”
“OMG you put language to feelings I have had for years and never knew how to express them or work with them, just amazing thank you so much.”
“I could not believe how accurate the information was and how powerful the healing was. I feel so much lighter and have a lot more energy. I feel alive.”

During today’s activation, we shared how you can continue working with and moving your energy.

Energy Coherence, a 6-month training to dive deep into the 6 key elements of your energy system:
Subtle Bodies, Energy Centers, Meridians, and your DNA (Organs, Systems & Glands)

At the end of this training, you’ll know how to work with your own energy system
To move blocks to bring health, love, clarity, purpose, money… to bring you into Coherence.

Here’s what’s included:

6 Training Modules where you’ll learn how the energy system works.
6 Energy Initiations where you’ll tap into the energy of that system.
6 Energy Daily Practices to help maintain the energy work you are doing.
6 Energy Clearings where you’ll clear the blocks you have in that part of your energy.
6 Energy DNA Clearings where you’ll clear the generational DNA blocks.

I know the power of energy will change your life.
During the 20 years teaching Integrative Medicine, I have seen this work bring
Physical healing, Clarity around soul purpose and calling,
A soulmate, Healing of family relationships, Money, raises, promotions…
The list goes on and on.

If what you’ve been doing isn’t working, it’s your energy. Let’s shift that together.

See you over in our online campus!

Blessed Be Lou ❤️✨
Founder Integrative Medicine Institute

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