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Working Beyond Our 134 Bits Of Informations❤️✨

Once I understood about frequency and my energy system, I was looking for a way to speak directly to my subconscious. What I found while working with my beloveds, was that they were talking to me through their conscious mind, the 134 bits of information per second. To get deep soulful sustainable change I needed to speak to their subconscious, the place where we could access 2 million bits of information per second, so I could get to the root cause.

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The Languages Of Our Consciousness❤️✨

In my healing journey, I woke up to the part of me that was a healer and a teacher. Before that, I was always an entrepreneur. But the teacher, and the healer, and the artist came forward as I cleared my energy system. I started exploring creativity as a way to heal.

That w

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Is Our Body Designed To Self-Heal?❤️✨

One of my beloveds had really bad chronic fatigue when she first arrived. She needed to give up work. Doctors said, “You’ll never work again.” Within six months, she was going out more, she started to actually engage more with life. Within nine months, she was working again, loving her work and loving her life. And within 12 months, the chronic fatigue is completely gone.