Is Our Body Designed To Self-Heal?❤️✨

One of my beloveds had really bad chronic fatigue when she first arrived. She needed to give up work. Doctors said, “You’ll never work again.” Within six months, she was going out more, she started to actually engage more with life. Within nine months, she was working again, loving her work and loving her life. And within 12 months, the chronic fatigue is completely gone.

One person had cancer reoccur three times. Within three sessions he went into remission. The medical fraternity went, “what the hell have you been doing?”, “whatever you’ve been doing, keep doing it.” We’ve had incredible success with people who have had pain, pain that they have had for many, many years, that is chronic, and within a couple of sessions, it’s completely gone, and two years later, it has never returned.

It’s not miracle work, it’s simply when we allow the energy that is coming from the universe to flow through our system, the body is built to heal itself. We’re simply working with the ancient wisdom and science to recalibrate people’s energy. It’s taking us back to the way we were meant to work.

Blessed Be
Louis Reed, Energy Shaman
Founder Integrative Medicine Institute

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