What Is Adrenal Chronic Fatigue?❤️✨

For me, what I found is, that while I had put my trauma in a box around being kidnapped, and threw away the key, the experiences were still living in my Subtle Bodies. It was still impacting my physical, even though I wasn’t conscious of it. That was where the challenge with illness showed up. My subconscious kept constantly trying to reconcile it, and It burnt out my adrenals, which gave me chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia.

What I understand today is that it stored in my Subtle Bodies. It was impacting my thoughts, words, and images. It was locking my frequency at a low vibration, attracting more of that frequency into my life, into my Subtle Bodies. When I started doing energy work, I realised what was happening and started to clear it.

As my energy started to clear, I was flooded with amazing ideas. They came in thick and fast. It was like a dam that had held back water, once the flood gates opened, everything that had been building up, flooded in. I realised that everything that I was working to manifest had actually manifest, but the blocked energy or low frequency was holding it at bay. I also learnt that there were 8 steps to manifesting, and each step was a vital part to the final outcome.

Blessed Be
Louis Reed, Energy Shaman
Founder Integrative Medicine Institute

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