Our Energy System And Pain Relief ❤️✨

For me, I had an injury, and I suffered chronic pain 24/7 for twenty-two months. The pain burnt out my adrenals and I ended up with adrenal chronic fatigue. I found that western medicine had no answers at all. Not even pain relief. Soul psychology helped enormously to manage my pain and my fatigue, but I was still struggling. I turned to traditional Chinese medicine, initially through herbs, but they were slow and tasted awful.

Then I became fascinated with meridians, the elements of the meridians. Which lead me to investigate meridians to see how it may help my healing. Once I started working with the meridians it was like magic. After clearing the first two elements of my energy system, allowing the divine energy to flow freely into my meridians, and through to my organs, where they were able to get the support they needed to move me towards wellness.

Blessed Be
Louis Reed Energy Shaman
Founder Integrative Medicine Institute

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