How I Managed My Insomnia❤️✨

I had always been an active person, living life at full speed. One fall up 2 steps and my life changed FOREVER. I went from traveling the world in a high-paying corporate job, to barely to be able to feed myself, overnight.

I keep looking for the magic pill, you know the one that the Dr prescribes, and 7 days later you are back at it all over again. 3 months later, 6 months later, 2 years later. It was surreal. I felt like I was trapped in a bad dream and I just could not wake up.

As I worked with my meridians, first my pain reduced enough for me to start sleeping. Then I remember a day when I woke up and just felt off, I could not language it, something just did not feel right. It was a day I had an appointment with a doctor, so I showed up, and as soon as he saw me he said “Are you alright?” And I said I am not sure I just feel off.

Then it hit me, I had no pain. I remember bursting into tears and he thought that someone close to me had died. When I finally stopped the hard sobs I said “OMG I have no pain”. And I felt completely lost, I didn’t know who I was without the pain, it had been a constant companion for as long as I could remember.

Blessed Be
Louis Reed Energy Shaman
Integrative Medicine Institute

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