IMI Energy Challenge

Building Quantum Coherence

In training 5 we explore if it is possible for our subjective mind to have an effect on our objective world? Is it true, that mind and matter are intimately connected and it is impossible to separate the two worlds? If so how can we work with this information to not only change our body, but to change our life?

Step 1: Listen to the Explore Prompt session to expand your consciousness around how we change.
Step 2: Listen to the Experience Prompt visioning to connect with your inner wisdom.
Step 3: Do the Embody Prompt tapping to integrate your new coherent frequency.

Let’s ALIGN your energy and MOVE blocks holding you back! Blessed Be Lou 

Step 1 Explore Prompt: Expand your consciousness.

Step 2 Experience Prompt: Connect with your inner wisdom.

Step 3 Embody Prompt: Integrate your new coherent frequency.

In the next training we explore what physicists, great thinkers, and philosophers in history as well as brilliant scientific minds have spent their entire lifetime working to understand, how an invisible field of energy and information, as well as the forces of nature unify the material world and how to work with it to manifest with the quantum field.

Would you like to learn how to move your energy blocks yourself?

Join us for Energy 101

A 6-module training to dive deep into the 6 key elements of your energy system.
You’ll experience energy trainings, energy journeyings, energy clearings and EFT or tapping. 
At the end of this training, you’ll know how to work with your own energy system
How to move blocks to bring health, love, clarity, purpose, money… to bring you into Coherence.

We start next week

This training is normally offered at $1997 USD
We have the vision to create a ripple of Integrative Medicine around the world
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