Mind. Body. Soul. Coherence

Energy Field Coherence

In This Episode I walk you through Energy Field Coherence, our Higher Self, our Conscious Self, and our Survival Self and how activating all 3 Selves or bringing them into Coherence, we gently shift into a higher vibrational frequency of light, beginning our Ascension Process by awakening our Human Consciousness and activating more DNA Strands.

Step 1: Watch the Energy Field Coherence Training session in the first part of the video above
Step 2: Listen to the Energy Field Energy Initiation in the second part of the video above
Step 3: Take any words, thoughts or images to your journal                   

In The Next Bonus Training we’re going to deep dive into Subtle Body Coherence and learn how they are our antenna, we send a receive the frequency we vibrate at. What frequency are you vibrating at?

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