Tapping Challenge

Day 1 Training

Reduce Anxiety in Under 10 Minutes. Brain scans confirm 76% of patients treated with EFT experienced complete remission.This study included an inspection of brain changes after treatment for anxiety. It was the first EFT Tapping study to do so and used pre-and post-treatment functional brain imaging (through computerised EEG, evoked potentials, and topographic mapping).

The brain scans show a shift toward normal levels of brain activity in patients treated with acupoint (EFT). The images shift from red (highly dysfunctional waves) to blue (calmer state) this corresponded with a decrease in the frequency and intensity of anxiety symptoms.Patients who received CBT with medication also showed similar changes in their scans but they took a longer treatment time to achieve this.

After 1 year,CBT patients’ scans were more likely to have returned to their higher, pretreatment levels than the acupoint (EFT) patients.The EFT patients were more likely to maintain their improved state of lessened anxiety. Read The Full Study Here

Let’s ALIGN your energy and MOVE blocks holding you back!

Step 1: Listen to the Experience Prompt visioning to connect with your inner wisdom.
Step 2: Do the Embody Prompt tapping to integrate your new coherent frequency.
Step 3:Take any words, thoughts or images to your journal.

Blessed Be Lou 

Step 1 Experience Prompt: Connect with your inner wisdom.

Step 2 Embody Prompt: Integrate your new coherent frequency.

Would you like to learn how to move your energy blocks yourself?

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You’ll learn how to work with your own energy system. How to move blocks to bring health, love, clarity, purpose, money… to bring your energy into Coherence.

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