Tapping Challenge

Day 6 Training

Positively Influence Your DNA in a pilot study on the physiological effect of EFT Tapping the genetic expression changed in 72 genes implicated in overall health. Immunity genes were up-regulated while inflammation genes were down-regulated this included genes associated with:

  • suppression of cancer tumors
  • protection against ultraviolet radiation
  • regulation of type 2 diabetes
  • insulin resistance
  • immunity from opportunistic infections
  • antiviral activity
  • synaptic connectivity between neurons
  • synthesis of red and white blood cells
  • enhancement of male fertility
  • building white matter in the brain
  • metabolic regulation
  • neural plasticity
  • reinforcement of cell membrane

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Step 1: Listen to the Experience Prompt visioning to connect with your inner wisdom.
Step 2: Do the Embody Prompt tapping to integrate your new coherent frequency.

Let’s ALIGN your energy and MOVE blocks holding you back! Blessed Be Lou 

Step 1 Experience Prompt: Connect with your inner wisdom.

Step 2 Embody Prompt: Integrate your new coherent frequency.

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